Making Your Journey - 30cm

Making Your Journey - 30cm

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30cm Circle Canvas  - Making your Journey.

This artwork represents the journey of life. The footprints represent making your mark in the sand and taking one day at a time because life can start becoming overwhelming. This artwork is inspired by the quote “if you want to fly, you need to give up what weighs you down”. This is important to us as we often find ourselves taking on other people’s emotional baggage after a while and it starts to take a toll on us without even realising.

While it is important to take care of our physical health it is important to take care of our mental health. A 5 minute meditation a day will help clear and open you mind and you will be able to start to feel yourself becoming lighter  because the emotional baggage you have been carrying is lifting. 

The Circle dot pattern which can be found running through each artwork in this collection represents; Strength, Drive, Passion and positivity. It is important to strive for greatness in everyday life and also is important to have passion drive and strength. These fundamentals will help you excel in whatever you wish to achieve

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