Connection to country - small

Connection to country - small

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Artwork size:20cm x 25cm

This artwork represents to connection to country we have as indigenous Australians. We all walk a different path and we may stumble and fall but we will always find or way through. Connecting to country for us takes form in all different mediums. For myself it is through my art, other may be physically be being on country and feeling the earth between our toes.

Each of us have a connection to this beautiful land weather it is physical or spiritual, it is important to honour and respect our land each and every day and be grateful for how far we have come on our journeys.

The Circle dot pattern which can be found running through each artwork in this collection represents; Strength, Drive, Passion and positivity. It is important to strive for greatness in everyday life and also is important to have passion drive and strength. These fundamentals will help you excel in whatever you wish to achieve.

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